We organize weddings in excellent places. Our offers, which we regularly update, have many interesting locations in Prague or in the nearest. We have much experience with many locations, but we’re open to new and unique ideas.

If you would rather have your wedding elsewhere than in a banqueting hall, we would be happy to help you find something that works. We will happily visit each place with you, go through all of the details and help you choose the right place for you. There are many beautiful chateaus around Prague, perfect for a relaxed, stylish wedding.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The old, ancient historical center is a UNESCO heritage site. The Czech Republic is the perfect country in the heart of Europe for your destination wedding.

The perfect place for a wedding is a place where you feel great.

Chateau Clara Futura

Ceremony: yes, religious ceremony in the Chapel of Sts. Mary Magdalene, civil ceremony in the castle garden, basic package 11,900 CZK.

Capacity for the banquet: Tent – size 12x25m, space for 12 round tables for 8 – 10 people. Rental tent 30 000 – 40 000, – CZK.

If the whole castle is rented, the banquet can take a place on the terrace and party in the restaurant. Service charge 15%.

Music: till 3am

Accommodation: 40 rooms, capacity up to 80 people. In addition to the listed rooms, the Archbishop and the Bridal Suite are also available.

Exclusivity 250,000 CZK and includes all accommodation.

Parking: yes

Our tip: Newly reconstructed chateau near Prague. We are absolutely excited about the castle. Great atmosphere, amazing interiors by architect Barbora Škorpilová.


Chateau Niměřice

Ceremony: yes – in a chateau park or chapel (Catholic ceremony only), civil or religious, a capacity of chapel 100 guests,a capacity of the park without limit.

Capacity for the banquet: 200 guests, a very nice hall with great capacity.

Music: outdoors until 10 pm,  indoors without limits

Accommodation: 55 beds

Parking: on-site, for 50 cars, free of charge

Rental / minimum consumption: Minimum amount of service CZK 200,000.

Our tip: A romantic chateau with a charming chapel, large hall, and a great park. The chateau was renovated in 2013 and is an ideal place for a wedding ceremony and reception. Suitable for informal weddings with a relaxed atmosphere. The advantage is accommodation.


Chateau St. Havel

Ceremony: YES, garden unlimited, indoors up to 150 people

Capacity for the banquet: up to 150 people

Music allowed: yes, possibility to extend the opening hours after midnight (every extra CZK7.500, max. up to 3 am)

Accommodation: yes

Parking: yes

Rental: from 9 am to 4 pm (Chateau Hall, Chapel of St. Havel) outdoor spaces (outdoor terraces and upper part of the park, tent), wedding suite in the tower for newlyweds, equipped salon, wellness for newlyweds in 50 minutes.

Our tip: One of the most popular wedding venues in Prague, a tent with a great capacity connected with the hall, a ceremony in a large park. An advantage is that the capacity of the tent can be increased if needed.


Chateau Ratměřice

Ceremony: yes, capacity unlimited, the castle has a beautiful park with grown trees.

Capacity for a banquet: 100 people, banquet is possible in several places. Sequoia restaurant 30 seats, 60 seats on the terrace, and 100 seats in conference hall.

Music: outdoors until 10 pm,  indoors without limits

Accommodation: up to 50 people

Parking: yes, 50 free parking spaces

Rental / minimum consumption: packages – on request

Our tip: a newly renovated castle with a beautiful park, you can rent the entire castle and arrange your own catering. There are a swimming pool and wellness area on site. It is possible to build a tent, but you need to count on higher costs.


Chateau Třebešice

Ceremony: yes – in the park with no restrictions

Capacity for a banquet: 100 guests + a tent can be built. A catering company must be hired, there is no restaurant. The banquet can take a place in the barn, then in the main hall at the castle, or the inner atrium.

Music allowed: outdoors within 22 hours, indoors without limits

Accommodation: 7 rooms only

Parking: on the premises

Rental / minimum consumption: subject to an agreement, rent according to a number of guests

Our tip: Original chateau with unusual interiors and exteriors, with the largest collection of modern art in the Czech Republic. The beautiful, well-kept garden with romantic corners. Interestingly designed interiors connected with exhibitions of works of art.


Chateau Bon Repos

Ceremony: yes, outdoors – unlimited, Chinese pavilion – 200 people, Příchovský Hall – 70 people

Capacity for the banquet: Chinese pavilion – 100 people, the Dining room of the Old Castle – 45 people, outdoors unlimited

Music: no restrictions

Accommodation: Yes, 10 rooms in the castle and in the summer a maximum of 16 people in luxury tents with beds

Parking: yes, 70 cars free of charge on the premises

Rent: 80.000, – + VAT + accommodation

Our tip: Bon Repos has a very rich history and unique atmosphere. The castle has an extensive park and a unique Chinese pavilion. Bon Repos is one of few places where there is no interruption of nightly rest after 10 pm, the castle is basically in the middle of nowhere. We love and strongly recommend this venue for a relaxing, original wedding.


Chateau Mcely

Ceremony: yes (civil, religious)

Ceremony capacity: outdoors unlimited (Patio 100 people- tent required for more guests)

Capacity for the banquet: Restaurant 100, Patio 70

Music: outdoors until 10 pm (or the exception can be done if the Chateau is rented exclusively), inside unlimited.

Accommodation: 55 guests

Parking: 60 spaces

Rental / minimum consumption: based on specific demand

Our tip: the castle belongs to the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. If you want the maximum service, the perfect place and you are ready to pay for it, Mcely is the right place.


Chateau Loučeň

Ceremony: yes

Capacity for the banquet: up to 140 people for a serving menu, up to 200 people for a buffet style. A large tent can be built on the terrace with a lovely countryside view.

Music allowed: yes, until 22:00 in outdoor areas, then you need to move to the inner ones.

Accommodation: yes

Parking: yes

Rental – they offer different types of packages, the price starting at 12.650, – CZK Incl. VAT, the most expensive package is 29. 900, -Kč including VAT

Our tip: ideal for big weddings, a beautiful terrace with a view and a park.


Chateau Mitrowicz

Ceremony: yes, Capacity is unlimited in a large park

Capacity for the banquet: Outdoors – garden and reception area for up to 200 people.

Indoor space for up to 100 people (divided into two floors)

Music: up to 10 pm outdoors

Accommodation: 44beds, total cost 50.000, – CZK

Parking: yes, 24 free parking spaces

Rental / minimum consumption: during the high season (May – September) the exclusive rental of the area is 100.000 CZK (excl.VAT)

Our tip: The whole area offers maximum privacy, the chapel of St. Anne after a sensitive restoration (civil and religious ceremonies), the garden with more than 10,000 seedlings, a resting area by the pond, a fireplace, a herb garden, a private pier, unique wall painting in the Hall, a wedding suite with unrepeatable view to the chapel St. Ann


Chateau Savoia

Ceremony: yes, capacity: indoors up to 60 people, outdoor spaces: up to 80 people

Capacity for a banquet: up to 80 people.

Music: indoors without limits, outdoor spaces: until 10 pm

Accommodation: yes, 40 people

Parking: yes

Rent: from 45,000 CZK

Our tip: Newly renovated castle. The owners have recently built it from complete ruin. Savoia has a beautiful garden, ideal for wedding receptions in the open air. At the same time, it offers indoor facilities in case of bad weather. Unique and informal atmosphere. I recommend a feast in the afternoon in the open air, your wedding will be unique. Due to the capacity of the inside space, the ideal wedding is around 60 guests.


Chateau Liteň

Ceremony: yes, outdoors unlimited / inside max 100

Capacity for a banquet:  unlimited for a banquet in a chateau park. It is necessary to hire catering.

Music: until 10 pm outside

Accommodation: yes, 18 people

Parking: yes

Rent: 50.000, – CZK / day

Our tip: Newly open chateau. The area is very large and there are several buildings, only part of it is reconstructed. The castle is at the beginning of an extensive reconstruction, which the owners plan for the future, but now it can be said that it has its unique charm and part of the area can be used for the wedding. It is necessary to count with a tent construction and hence the increased costs. Accommodation is simple, but another accommodation capacity is in the surrounding area.


Hotel Augustine

Ceremony: yes, the capacity of 60 people

Capacity for the banquet: 60 people

Music: until 10 pm

Accommodation: 101 rooms including suites

Parking: 7 spaces, reservation required in advance

Minimum consumption:

Arcades: 55 000 CZK, St. Thomas Brewery Bar: 50 000 CZK

Refectory Bar: 70 000 CZK, Sundial Garden: 50 000 CZK

Augustine Terrace: 100 000 CZK

Monastic room: 90 000 CZK

Our tip: the hotel belongs to the best hotels in Prague, perfect service and gastronomy, connection with the church Sv. Thomas.


Hotel The Grand Mark

Ceremony: garden 200 people, interior 100 people

Capacity for the banquet: 300 people, garden pavilion ideal for 80 people

Music: outdoors until 10pm, indoors max.to 03:00am

Accommodation: Yes, the maximum number of 20 rooms, according to the occupancy of the hotel.

Parking: only available on the street for parking. More parking spaces are in the shopping center Palladium close by

Our tip: The hotel has a beautiful garden where wedding ceremonies can be held and there is a newly built pavilion for wedding receptions. Great gastronomy and service. Grand Mark belongs to a few places in the center of Prague that offer everything in one place. Ideal for foreign weddings where foreigners appreciate accommodation in the city center and quality service of a 5-star hotel.


Hotel Mandarin Oriental

Ceremony: 150 people in the garden, 150 in the Grand Ballroom in a banquet style

Capacity for the banquet: 120 people at the round tables

Minimum consumption: prices from 199EUR per person

Accommodation: yes 99 rooms and suites

Music: outside until 10 pm, indoors until 00:00 midnight

Rent: subject to agreement or included in the package

Parking: yes, however only  5 places in the hotel

Our tip: Luxury hotel with a beautiful garden for the ceremony and the hall where the wedding reception can take place. Top gastronomy and service. Ideal hotel for foreign weddings. Guests will appreciate the central location and quality of service of the world-famous brand. It is necessary to count with high costs, the hotel is one of the most expensive in Prague.


Hotel Aria

Ceremony: no, we recommend the ceremony in the Vrtba Garden right next door, or possibly on the terrace, but there is a limited capacity

Capacity for the banquet: Atrium 150 people, roof terrace 40 people, lounge 30 people

Minimum consumption: 70.000, – CZK

Accommodation: YES

Music: until midnight, music needs to be put lower at 10 pm

Parking: limited, only 3 cars

Our tip: Stylish hotel with the music theme, interior art deco style. Beautiful terrace overlooking Prague – Malá Strana, big advantage Vrba garden where wedding ceremonies are held


Villa Richter

Ceremony: yes, on the vineyard with a stunning view

Capacity for the banquet:

Bottom of Terra up to 100 people at the round tables,

Glasshouse 30 people, Terrace 50 people, Lounge Pink 30 people

Lounge Blue 20 people

Minimum consumption: 350.000, -CZK

Accommodation: NO

Music: until 10 pm outside

Parking: NO

Our tip: One of the most beautiful wedding venues in Prague, although more expensive, but the view is worth it. This venue offers many spaces, you can combine them and spend a lovely day – ceremony can be on a vineyard with stunning view, however, it is necessary to count with the noise, one of the lounges can be rented for the preparation of the bride, banquet is ideal on the Terra and for the party you would move upstairs to the glasshouse and lounges. There are plenty of hotels nearby to accommodate guests.


Ginger & Fred restaurant

Ceremony: yes capacity 30 people on a beautiful terrace overlooking Prague. However, due to noise, I recommend a wedding ceremony in the nearby Vrtba garden and then move to the restaurant by a historical tram.

Capacity for the banquet: up to 70

Music: until 10 pm

Accommodation: yes 32 rooms

Parking: no/yes – Wenceslas garage approx. 150m far from the Dancing House

Minimum consumption: 250.000, – CZK

Our tip: a newly renovated restaurant with a stunning view of Prague in the legendary Dancing House. The restaurant has a newly renovated interior and is run by the famous chef Ondřej Slanina, who is also in charge of Chateau St. Havel. Ideal for weddings up to 60 guests, the restaurant has a terrace with breathtaking views of the castle.


Art Restaurant Mánes

Ceremony: Yes

Capacity for the banquet:

Art Restaurant Manes: 130 people

Terrace Grill (summer): 260 people

Lounge Bar: 80 people

Main Exhibition Hall (Mánes Gallery): 230 people

Multifunctional Hall (Mánes Gallery): 180 people

Music: Outdoors until 10 pm

Accommodation: No (many accommodation options within walking distance)

Rental / minimum consumption: minimal consumption, spaces of Manes Gallery: rental fee

Our tip: Newly refurbished, stylish restaurant in the center of Prague overlooking the Vltava River. A great place for a relaxed wedding, it is possible to combine different spaces here.


Vineyard Salabka

Ceremony: YES: on the terrace, in front of the vineyard, in the pavilion in the vineyard, in the wine cellar, in the lower part of the restaurant

Capacity for the banquet:  up to 130 people

Music: out until 10pm, inside until 03:00am

Accommodation: 6 apartments + possibility of accommodation in the nearby hotel Troja – 22 rooms

Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for exclusive rentals.

Parking: at an exclusive rental of 25 cars in the vineyard and 15 cars closed by the restaurant, with a non-exclusive rent – 5 cars in the vineyard, 15 cars for a fee

Min. Consumption: exclusive rental of the restaurant is required from 30 people, min. consumption is  130tis CZK + VAT (4pm-0:00) and 180tis CZK + VAT for the whole day.

Our tip: a beautiful place on a vineyard with a lovely view and it is away from the city rush but still close to the center. Interestingly designed restaurant interior.


Bocaccio Hall

Ceremony: yes in the Boccaccio hall – 100 people, however, it is needed to count with the conversion at least for 2 hours after the ceremony. We will need to do the set up for the banquet

Capacity for the banquet: max. 100 people

Music: yes, no time limits

Accommodation: yes, price by season

Parking: Possibility of parking in the hotel Marriot or park in the shopping centers Kotva / Palladium close by the venue

Rental / minimum consumption: min. Consumption  80.000, – CZK or in the case of own catering they charge the rent of 80.000, – CZK

Service charge after midnight: 3,500,- CZK/extra hour, a service fee of 10% of the total charge is charged.

Our tip: a unique space suitable for weddings in the winter months.


Palace Žofín

Ceremony: YES, up to 300 people

Capacity for a banquet: up to 900 people, exclusive cooperation with Zátiší catering

Accommodation: NO

Music: until 3 am

Parking: YES

Rent: according to the size of the space and the season

Our tip: historical palace in the center of Prague, there is a large and small hall, spaces can be rented both. In case of bad weather, a wedding ceremony can be arranged in a small hall. The advantage of Žofín is its large parking capacity. At the same time, it is one of the few halls in Prague with a capacity for more than 500 guests. Beautiful view.


Chateau Trója

Ceremonies: 20,000,- CZK without VAT maximum capacity 200 pax, weddings only Friday and Monday at  10:30 or 12:00, another option is the castle garden – capacity 500 people, only exclusive rental

Capacity for the banquet: All-day rental is 150.000,- CZK. The capacity of the GRAND “EMPEROR’S” HALL is a maximum of 200 people. STABLES of Troja Chateau with a maximum of 180 people, connected to outdoor spaces.

Parking: yes

Accommodation: no

Our tip: unique historical spaces with a sprawling garden, it is nice that you can combine different spaces. The ideal venue for big weddings. You need to hire a catering company.


Lobkowicz Palace

Ceremony: YES, several options – up to 120 guests

Capacity for a banquet: up to 180 guests

Parking: allowances are settled in advance for a maximum of 4 cars

Accommodation: NO

Music: Unlimited

Rent: The Imperial and Balcony Hall including a terrace with a beautiful view from 4 pm to 0:00  is CZK 179,000 incl. VAT, after midnight they charge 15 000 CZK Incl. VAT. per hour

Our tip: a magnificent historical palace in the complex of  Prague Castle with a fantastic view of Prague. The biggest advantage of the Lobkowicz Palace is the location and a terrace, ideal for a cocktail, with a magnificent view. Ideal for classic, elegant weddings with sufficient budget.